Universe Scales


Scale of distances in space
"If the Sun was an orange, the Earth would be a pin head orbiting at 15 meters from the orange, Jupiter would be a cherry orbiting at 77 meters, Pluton a grain of sand orbiting at 580 meter, and the star Proxima, the closest star from the Sun, would be another orange, located at 4000 kilometers."

A brief history of Evolution...

"Let's take the six days of the Genesis to represent what, in fact, hapenned in four billions years. So one day equals about 660 millions years.
Our planet is born on Monday at 0 hours.
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday until midday, the Earth is forming.
Life began on Wednesday at midday, and spread in all its organic beauty during the three following days.
On Saturday afternoon, at four o'clock, the big reptiles appeared.
Five hours later, at 9 o'clock in the evening, when the giant sequoias emerged from earth, the big reptiles disappeared. Man appeared three minutes before midnight. The Christ born one quarter of second before midnight. One-fortieth of a second before midnight, the industrial revolution began.
We are now on Saturday evening, at midnight, and we are surrounded by people who believe that what they are doing for just one fourth of second may continue indefinitely."

David Brower






Dimensions scales


Light speed

300 000 km/second

One light-year

10 000 billions of km

Earth-Sun distance

8 light-minutes

Diameter of our galaxy

80 000 light-years

Assumed diameter of the universe

15 billions light-years

Average distance between two galaxies

1 million light-years

Stars in a galaxy

100 billions

Cells in one human being

100 000 billions

Elementary particles in one human being

30 billions of billions of billions

Atoms in one cell

1000 billions

Quarks in one cm3 of water

2 millions of billions of billions

neurons in a brain

30 billions

average number of connections for each neuron

10 000 connections (or synapses)

average number of connections in a brain

200 000 billions



Distance of the closest stars from the Sun

in light-years



Rigel Kent




Barnard's star











The electromagnetic spectrum

The difference between the light and a radio or TV transmission is a matter of frequency.
In other words, a matter of TIME !


Diagram from Fritjov Capra 's book "The Tao of Physics"




Cosmic rays

The cosmic rays are made of different kinds of hight-energy particles coming from deep space and from the Sun. They can go through any material (including our body), travelling nearly at light speed.

The quantity of cosmic rays recepted by a hand palm is about 655 particles per hour, that is to say about 11 particles at once minute.

On 1 square meter, that is the ground surface covered by a lying human being, more than 100 particles are projected each minute.






The necessary conditions for the emergence and development of life on a planet can be sum up in one word: BALANCE...







Spirituality and cosmology

The universe as described by the Bhagavad-Gita, one of the main hindu holy text.


Star Trek, the final frontier

The vision, the messages, and the decoding keys of a cult-serial...


Human of the future

The 24 stages of the human evolution, imaginated by Timothy Leary. The 12 first stages are those of the ordinary evolution of every human, and the following 12 stages correspond to our potential evolution and the awakening of our latent faculties...




Some essential and initiatory books to answer some eternal questions:
"Where do we come from?", "Who are us?", "Where are we going?"



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