The 24 stages of human evolution
imaginated by Timothy Leary

excerpt from "Flashbacks",
by Timothy Leary


The first 12 stages are usually experienced by any human being.

1. Reflex of feeding
2. Reflex of swimming
3. Reflex of crawling
4. First steps (stages 4 to 6: mastery of gravity)
5. Walking-running
6. Climbing
7. Langage acquisition
8. Symbolic invention mind
9. Social cooperation
10. Dawning awareness of sexuality
11. Parentale stage
12. Post-menopause


The 12 following stages map out the way for the potential evolution of our perceptions and our mental functions.

They occur after that the individual (and finally the species) has transcended the 12 primitives patterns related to the survival and has started to learn the neuro-technology of self.

Mastery of the body as aesthetic instrument

13. Hedosnist: aesthetic-erotic-somatic cousciousness; receptive and passive consumer approach of the body.
14. Artist: aesthetic-erotic-somatic engineering. active and innovative sensory invention.
15. Aesthetic fusion: aesthetic-erotic-somatic contact with other artists; the life as art.

Mastery of the brain-computer operations

16. Consumption of multiples realities: electronic-cybernetic-psychedélic cousciousness; Use of the relativist functions of brain and neuro-electric modeling (i.e video games).
17. Neurological engineering: invention of an electronic-cybernetic-psychedélic reality; computers programming.
18. Multi-real reticlation: inter-computers contacts; telepathy?

Mastery of the ADN-ARN, theorie of Gaïa, and socio-biology

19. Genetic consumer: socio-biological cousciousness; unicellular cousciousness; jouissance passive and receptive use of the ADN knowledge; cloning.
20. Genetic engineering: sense of invention with the ADN; genetic creativity, life extension.
21. Symbiosis: inter-species contacts; cooperation at the level of antigens and immunogy; participation in Gaïa's intelligence.

Mastery of the meta-physiological and neuro-physical processes

22. Consciousness of meta-physiological intelligence, nuclear-particlary cousciousness; physics cousciousness (see Fritjov Capra; ability to think as atomic-nuclear particles)
23. Neurophysicist: mastery of nuclear and gravitational processes; out of body experiences. The John Lilly's solid state intelligence?
24. Meta-physiological fusion: decorporated contact with other body-liberated entities.



Many examples of the conceivable developments of intelligence and mental functions are explorated by the cult-series
Star Trek.

Here, Mr Spock.







The levels of our inner energy according to John Lilly

Our mental energy is not depend on the reality as much as on the way we are perceiving and representing this reality.
In other words, we see the world through the collored filter of our
cousciousness of the day.


Star Trek, the final frontier

The vision, the messages, and the decoding keys of a cult-serial...







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