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Pierre Mayol
Once you start talking about Tao, it's not Tao anymore.

Jacques Mayol
From the moment you try to analyse or explain something, you loose the very essence of that thing. And life itself is beyond all definition, you just need to experience it and to live it.



Pierre Mayol (quoting a poem)

"Try to be as true as a tree in the wind...
Essencial unity (in its ethymological meaning) lies whitin you.
Do not mar the beautiful mirror of water,
if you want to find in the very image of life,
and not the unhuman material of thousand particular silences."


"The Tao is the direct grap, the magical side of the things. It tells us, -and it's true- that everything around us is magic. The fact that I am here, speaking to you...the fact that we're here, that we keep our shapes, the very fact we have a shape is magical. It's rationally unexplainable.

The beauty of Tao is that we try -and particulary young sportsmen and surfers- to rediscover, through contact with nature, a direct intuition of a transcendental reality."



Jacques Mayol

"When I immerse, I'm in the middle of Tao. I'm in full unity, I completely forget that I'm a human that I have a name, an individuality, a passport, or even a shape... I'm shapeless! I'm a sort of cogwheel, a cosmic cogwheel, you see?"



Pierre Mayol
"In our philosophy, in our western metaphysics, Tao is nothing more than what we call the absolute, what is totaly unconditional. The only other word useable is the infinite. Not the infinite of mathematics with positive infinite, negative infinite, etc. No. The infinite cannot be defined in any way or approach. That is Tao!"

Jacques Mayol

"As soon as you try to define the undefined, it's finished !

Another example: speech. I've just spend 3 weeks with a wild dolphin, named Jojo. Well, I can assure you that with Jojo, words are absolutely not necessary. It's something... which has no definition, no limits, but you just get on really well together... That's it!"


"Everytime one is in contact with nature, it's the same story again, it's like surfing. It's how to come in contact with the fathomless. Be it through a cat, or insects, or trees, it puts us in tune with this part of us which is linked to nature, and through this channel there can be a chance of getting into touch with the Whole... I mean Unity...

Sometimes you don't realize it. It may comes more easily if you don't look for it. It's like a gust... And in general, it happens more easily when you're a child. I have chilhood memories where I was walking alongside a railway... There were lizards under the summer sun, red poppies, wild grass... and suddenly, the heat, the scents drove me into a sort of ecstasy which has no name, that you could call mystical but what is mystical when you're 8 or 10 years old ?... Or even the reflection of the sun's ray in a glass of water... I don't know, it was a channel. And then it can be found again later on life."


"To surf is to have this sense of balance as a guide which makes that the events of life, which are the waves, the fluctuations of the waves, are never treated as obstacles but as supports to find an equilibrium, like reasons, aids to support the board which will enable you to be straight, to be on the peak of the wave.

And at that level, there is no bad events... Everything is good... good wave!

When you watch surfers, they fall, they get back on their boards, and then fall again, and get back on again, and they're never afraid of falling because they know that after all, what do they risk? They risk getting wet... It's the same in life. When you start surfing life, you fall, you're ruined... Ok, so, you're ruined... You get back on your board and you're rich again! And so on all the time, all the time..."

Jacques Mayol

"Surf does indeed correspond to the Zen concept of saizing the moment, this chain of moments which become in the end a whole life. Without halting too long, by accepting the good and the bad of these moments. And in surfing, I believe, you wait for the next wave, as in life you wait for the next day, we live in hope, and hope makes us live, it'true...

And there as in surf, you just ABANDON yourself. Behind all that, it's the Zen concept of "let yourself go". Abandon yourself to nature, to the forces of the life, to the great forces of nature, the waves, the sea, the sky... I understand those who jump off with flying wings. That too is Tao!"




Joël de Rosnay

"Surf is a bit like life... You're carried bay a wave which is time, and which dies on a shore: it's the end of your life. And it's also a chaotic movement, made up of myriads of swirling water particles, and one try to escape this swirl, to reach the green water, the clean water, the wave which hasn't yet broken.

And in many situations of life, you find yourself up in the same conditions. There are chaotic situations, for which the traditional methods of determinism, of planning ahead -the same causes provoking the same effects- do not make possible to solve the complexity of the situation that stands in front of you. We must learn to surf situations which are chaotic, interrupted, blurred, the world we are in today.

And there's a fascinating mathematical notion called "deterministic chaos", which shows that myriads of elements can organize themselves into a shape which speaks to us, like clouds, the flame of a candle, or a jet of water.

And a wave is that: a deterministic chaos, made up of myriads of water molecules upon which neverless we can move.

So I believe it's necessary to find the means to surf life in a balance state in a permanent and dynamic equilibrium, which constantly reconstites itself, rather than always trying to plan ahead because conditions change and so does the environment."






In homage to Fritjov Capra and his book "The Tao of Physics"


Concept : Sylvain Timsit

Directed by : Thierr Monnet

Chef-opérateur: Alexander Gorski

Images de glisse : Uhaïna




(C) TNC Production - Uhaïna






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