TV documentary - 26 '


The sense of balance, the inner unity, the harmony with nature, and the meaning of life, seen through the philosophy of Tao and the metaphor of surfing.




Joël de ROSNAY
Biologist, ex MIT researcher, scientist and surfer, currently director of development and international relations at the Cité des Sciences, in Paris.

Jacques MAYOL
Skin diver, heroe of the movie "The Big Blue", journalist, writter, he has developped his physical performances with yoga and an intimate knowledge of oriental philosophies.

Pierre MAYOL
Writer, lover of oceans, specialist of ancient civilisations, author of the book "Les Dix rois de la mer" with his brother Jacques Mayol.

Cartoonist, author of many comic strips, including "Silver Surfer" with Stan Lee, and "The Incal", a metaphysical saga.

Neurobiologist, research director at INRA, researcher at INSERM Bordeaux (France).

Surfer, inventor of the gliding sports concept, creator of a gliding images festival in Europe, "Les Nuits de la glisse".




"The Tao of Surf", dialogs and images



In homage to Fritjov Capra and his book, "The Tao of Physics"


Conception: Sylvain Timsit

Directed by: Thierr Monnet

Cameraman: Alexander Gorski

Aquatic images: Uhaïna



(C) TNC Production - Uhaïna




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