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Digital Art Galleries
digital images, fractal art, brain candies...



Gallery 1
Vortex Worlds


Digital images of fractal worlds and techno visions...




Gallery 2
"Colors Matrix"

This new gallery is dedicated to random art,
and also to brain and sensory stimulations for meditation...
An animated colours matrix is changing randomly,
in a range of 6 millions combinations.

At each session, you will see a different and unique sequence.

Slip one of your favorite music in your CD drive,
Free your mind, and merge your eyes in the colours...

Matrix 1 Matrix 2 Matrix 3
Matrix 4 Matrix 5 Matrix 6
Matrix 7 Matrix 8 Matrix 9
pour Netscape uniquement
Matrix 10 Matrix 11 Matrix 12


Don't let severals animations windows open at the same time, or stop animations in the other windows
Keep the mouse cursor out of the Matrix window
In case of display problems, allow more memory to your web browser.



Gallery 3
"Brain Moods"

This gallery presents an optical illusion experiment.

If you forget the room around the screen, and merge your eyes in the center or the animation,
a curious thing will happen after a while:
the bright colors of the animation seem to blend and turn in
a range of monochrome yellows and violet greys,
as a few cells at the center of the image seem to keep their bright colors.

This effect is a pure illusion. You can stop it as soon as you want:
just "zoom out" with your eyes,
including the area around the screen.
The bright colours seem to get back to the whole image.

Start experience...




Digital Art Link
Chayan Khoï

Enter the fascinating world of Chayan Khoï and his dream-images...





Gallery 4
Random Attractors


A set of images from a simulation of attractors phenomena.

In this simulation, the trajectory and the final place of each new generated pixel is influenced by the position of the previous pixels.

Enter ...



Gallery 5
Web Cams


Oceans, mountains, and big cities, all the planet in real time...








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